Checkwatt: improve your efficiency in solar energy

Our partnership with Checkwatt provides smarter solar monitoring and more efficient solutions. Read on in our article to see the benefits of investing in Checkwatts for your photovoltaic plant.
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17 January 2022

In a world where sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important, Cellera is at the forefront of providing efficient solar energy solutions. An important part of this endeavor is the collaboration with Checkwatt, a pioneer in energy management and monitoring. In this article, we explore the benefits of integrating Checkwatt's system into the investment of a photovoltaic plant.

Checkwatt: revolutionize your energy monitoring

Checkwatt offers innovative solutions for energy monitoring and management, which is critical to the efficiency of solar energy systems. With Checkwatt's system, users can easily monitor their energy production and consumption in real time. This provides a clear picture of the PV plant's performance and allows for quick adjustments to optimize energy use.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

By integrating Checkwatt's systems with Cellera's photovoltaic plants, customers can benefit from improved energy efficiency. This increased efficiency not only leads to lower energy costs, but also to a faster payback period for the investment. The system helps identify and reduce energy losses, allowing users to get the most out of their investment.

Contribution to a sustainable future

Investing in a photovoltaic plant, complemented by Checkwatt's technology, is more than just a financial gain. It is a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. By streamlining the use of renewable energy, it helps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and thus its carbon footprint.

Customizable solutions

Checkwatt's unique feature is its adaptability to each client's individual needs and circumstances. Whether it's a condominium association that needs to monitor multiple units, a business looking to optimize its large-scale energy production, or a private home seeking easy monitoring of its solar energy system, Checkwatt offers customized solutions. Their systems are flexible and modular, allowing for customized configurations to suit each unique situation. This means customers can take full advantage of their solar investment by getting exactly the monitoring and management functionality that suits their specific needs.

This adaptability makes Checkwatt a versatile partner for a range of users, from small-scale households to large corporate facilities.

Easy monitoring and reporting

Checkwatt offers an advanced solution that combines user-friendly interfaces with access to detailed and easily accessible data, making it easier to understand and manage your energy production from photovoltaic installations. With real-time data and analytics, Checkwatt's systems enable users not only to monitor their energy production and consumption, but also to streamline their energy use. This leads to a more conscious and optimised energy management, where users can make informed decisions about how best to utilise their solar energy, reduce their costs and increase their energy efficiency.


The collaboration between Cellera and Checkwatt is an exemplary combination of two companies committed to promoting the use of renewable energy. By choosing this combination, customers receive not only a high-quality photovoltaic plant, but also an advanced system to monitor and optimize their energy use. Together, Cellera and Checkwatt are taking steps towards a brighter, greener and more sustainable future.

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Do I need to invest in a battery?

The answer is simple: Yes, to maximize your investment. With a battery, you can store excess solar energy during the day and then use it during the periods when the sun is not shining, especially during the times when electricity prices are at their highest. This reduces your need to draw electricity from the grid and can lead to significant savings on your electricity bill. Another advantage is that you can charge your battery with cheap night electricity, which is especially beneficial during the morning hours when electricity prices are often high. To further amplify the benefits of your battery and solar cells, we have established an exclusive partnership with energy services company Checkwatt, which can halve the payback time on your investment. Feel free to contact us here to get more information.

How Do Solar Cells Work with Batteries?

Battery-powered solar cells help store your electricity production and lower your electricity costs continuously by converting solar energy into electricity. The excess from the solar cells is stored in the battery, which interacts with your inverter and your photovoltaic system to ensure a constant supply of electricity, regardless of weather conditions. Contact Us here for further information and book a free consultation today.

How Do Solar Cells Work?

Solar cells work by converting solar energy into electricity. This is done through a process called photovoltaic power. When the sun's rays hit the solar cells, the light is absorbed by a material in the cell (most often silicon). This causes the electrons in the material to move, creating an electric current. Read more about the function of solar cells here.

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