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Earn More With Checkwatt

With Checkwatt, every kilowatt you save becomes not only a victory for the environment, but also a beneficial economic saving for you and your business. Let's take a closer look at how Checkwatt can transform the way you manage energy into something that is both profitable and environmentally friendly.

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Earn with Checkwatt by helping balance the power grid

See your direct impact in real time. Our interactive graph shows how your energy use and production contribute to balancing the grid. Each point on the graph represents a step towards more sustainable and cost-effective energy management, benefiting not only the environment but also your wallet.

Maximized Energy Utilization and Economic Gain

Discover how CheckWatt opens the door to financial earning by effectively balancing your energy behavior with the needs of the electric grid, delivering direct economic benefits.

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How Does Checkwatt Work?

See how Checkwatt helps you maximize your savings and income by
streamline and smartly manage your energy consumption and production.

Power grid balancing with Battery

Your battery system connects to CheckWatt and is used to balance the power grid. When the grid needs more energy, your battery supplies power to the grid, and when there is excess energy, it recharges. This balancing is important for the stability of the power grid and you make money by providing this service.

Currently - Frequency control

By connecting your battery to CheckWatt's Current service, your battery becomes part of a larger pool of energy resources. This system is used to fine-tune the frequency in the power grid by rapidly increasing or decreasing energy delivery. This is critical to keeping the power grid stable and efficient, and you get paid to contribute to this important function.


Reimbursement for Grid Support

By participating in CheckWatt's Current service, your battery becomes an active part of supporting and stabilizing the power grid. Based on how much energy and support your system contributes, you will receive a monetary compensation. This compensation varies depending on current market prices and the capacity of your battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Your Solar Energy Questions

What is CheckWatt?

CheckWatt is a company that enables a 100% renewable energy system through measurement, analysis, visualization and control. The company offers smart energy storage and management solutions, particularly relevant given the growing market for private solar installations and electric cars.

How does CheckWatt's Energy Management System (EMS) work?

EMS is a service for smart control of energy-related data, especially useful for hybrid inverters and chargers for electric cars. It minimizes energy costs locally and performs frequency regulation for Svenska Kraftverket, which generates revenue for the owner.

How can I earn money by using CheckWatt?

Users can earn financially through participation in the market for support services to the electricity grid, a market that is expected to grow significantly. By smartly managing energy use and storage, users can avoid unnecessary future costs and earn revenue, especially with solutions such as EMS that support frequency regulation and local energy management.

Why are electric cars an asset in CheckWatt's system?

Electric cars are changing the energy system and are considered more of an asset than a burden. Their charging can be adapted to the needs of the power grid, softening peaks by taking advantage of idle times. This flexibility, combined with CheckWatt's smart energy management solutions, can offer significant benefits and efficiencies.

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